Commercial Photo Gallery

School office repair

A local school's water damaged office rebuilt by SERVPRO of Canton

A school’s office area had quite a bit of water damage from a frozen pipe. SERVPRO of Canton completed the mitigation in a timely manner. The maintenance department for the school requested we do the repairs for the area. We added a long cabinet to replace the water damaged old cabinet. The entire office staff was extremely pleased with our work and the extra storage area we provided for them.

Trucking company cleaning

Commercial trucking company uses us for truck interior disinfecting

Commercial trucking companies keep our products and services open and running smoothly. SERVPRO of Canton has been selected to keep their divers safe. We clean and disinfect these large truck interiors on a weekly rotation. We are happy to do for a company that keeps our State stocked with products.

SERVPRO of Canton on the scene

SERVPRO of Canton is here to get things right.

Image this scenario – SERVPRO of Canton has just arrived at a commercial facility – the building’s lower level is completely underwater from an overflowing creek nearby on the property. SERVPRO’S Hero’s to the rescue! – SERVPRO was able to help all the suites by mitigating the water damage and drying all the contents as quickly as possible. The clients could not have been happier when they were able to reopen 4 days later! If you find yourself in a similar situation don’t hesitate to call the hero’s at SERVPRO of Canton.    1-800-714-5341

Water shut off valve

Tagging your main water shut off valve is a good idea.

Is your commercial property prepared for a disaster? SERVPRO of Canton has been preparing ERPs (Emergency ready Profiles) for over the past 7 years. We will walk through your facility, at no charge to you, and prepare a comprehensive plan created for your specific needs. This ERP will be your greatest resource in the case of an emergency. Call our ERP specialist today to schedule an appointment.


Commercial truck cleaning.

Commercial truck cleaning and disinfecting.

If your trucking company does long hall or local deliveries, SERVPRO of Canton can help. We have been disinfecting truck cabs for the last 90 plus days and continue to do it on a regular basis. The drivers come back to their trucks with peace of mind that their area is virus free.  Let us give a free quote.   1-800-714-5341

Rebuild picture

Rebuild project at a local school

When you have a water damage at your facility, it’s nice to know that SERVPRO of Canton can do a full rebuild to the damaged areas. Whether the damage is large or small, commercial or residential, our rebuild crews have done it all. We pride ourselves in doing the repairs right the first time. Please feel free to call us with any questions you might have on a rebuild.  1-800-714-5341