Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Commercial hood maintenance

Commercial hood maintenance is very important.

Commercial hoods should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. When this is not done, grease fires can start with the right conditions. Not only does the fire cause a tremendous damage to the facility. They can keep a restaurant closed for months. All due to neglect of regular maintenance that could have prevented this tragedy.

Fire department recommendations

Local Fire department recommends SERVPRO of Canton.

Working with the fire departments in our area has been a privilege for us. We have been recommended by many different local fire departments. They recognize our timely  completion of fire damage and repairs to both commercial and residential properties. SERVPRO of Canton works with all Insurance companies to get the job done right. Call us if you need our help 1-800-714-5314.

Air scrubbers

Air scrubbers used in fire damage mitigation.

This photo is of the commercial air scrubbers that SERVPRO of Canton uses during a fire restoration claim. The air scrubbers clean the smoke, odor and soot out of the air. We also uses this type of equipment while performing mold remediation and bio-hazard clean-ups. SERVPRO of Canton has all the equipment and resources to get your property back in business in no time!  Call SERVPRO of Canton to get a quote 1-800-714-5314. 

Lithium battery fire.

Lithium fire damage to a building.

After a Lithium battery fire at a commercial building, the soot so was thick that every square inch had to be hand wiped down. If an emergency like this happens to your home or office, you will need a company like SERVPRO of Canton to professionally clean your structure and content. SERVPRO of Canton has been performing fire restoration for over 22 years and they have the right equipment and trained personnel to do the job properly.    

Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchen fire clean up.

This image is of a commercial kitchen after SERVPRO of Canton's mitigated the fire damage. The source of the fire was a plastic bowl on the range that caught fire. The local Fire department was called to the scene and used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. The fire was out, but there was extinguisher dust on every square inch of the kitchen. Due to the extent of the damage and the extinguisher dust, we had to disassemble and clean every piece of equipment and the every surface in the kitchen. SERVPRO of Canton worked quickly and our customer was back in business in a week! Should you find you need this type of help – call SERVPRO of Canton at 800-714-5341.

Fire Plymouth Michigan

Fire damage can happen to any home and at any time. This shows the damage that can occur with a kitchen fire. Smoke and soot from the fire can get into all areas of the home even in the closets that may have been closed. You need a company like SERVPRO of Canton and SERVPRO of Washtenaw County to do the clean up properly. From tear out to clean and finally reconstruction, we have the certified technicians to do the job right.