Water Damage Photo Gallery

Frozen radiator broke open

The radiator could not hold up to the drop in temperature.

Look closely at this image. You will notice the cast iron radiator froze and actually broke. You can see this at the top right corner of the radiator. This happened to a home that was being remodeled in the winter. SERVPRO of Canton was called in the help out. The home owners were devastated at the damage that occurred. We were able to get them back on track with their renovations in a few days.

Kitchen remodel

A beautiful kitchen remodeled by SERVPRO of Canton.

SERVPRO of Canton has been doing remodeling and repairs for almost 6 years now. After a water damage has been mitigated and dried out. We have the right crew available to get your home or business back to working order. We pride ourselves in helping our customers resume their normal activities after a water loss. If you end up with a water issue please call us. We can get things done in a timely manner. 1-800-714-5314

Desiccant dehumidifier

Large trailer mounted desiccant dehumidifier

This building had a lot of water damage to all levels. The cause was a creek that had overflowed. We had to bring in our trailer mounted desiccant dehumidifying system to address the humidity. This is just one of the specialty equipment pieces SERVPRO of Canton has available to us. 

SERVPRO of Canton van

Another satisfied customer for SERVPRO of Canton

Another satisfied commercial customer serviced by SERVPRO of Canton. This particular building had a power outage that caused the sump pump to malfunction. We were on the scene immediately and had things under control within a couple of days.  

Water tank maintenance

Hot water tanks can be a problem.

Water Tip: Make sure your water tank is inspected on a yearly basis. When water tanks malfunction, they can cause a tremendous amount of water damage. Read your water tank owner’s manual and follow all maintenance recommendations for the appliance. Most of the local plumbing companies in your area can help you out with this service if needed.

Water damage Canton Michigan

Water damage can occur anytime spring, summer, winter and fall. This shows the damage that can happen when a ceiling is saturated with water. Canton Michigan water damage in lower level of the home. Ceilings can get very heavy due to saturation from water. SERVPRO of Canton and SERVPRO of Washtenaw county has the expert technicians to handle this type of loss.