Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Mold build up in the house.

This looks really bad, don't worry we can fix it.

Mold damage to a home can be devastating. This shows how mold can grow in a few months after a small water damage that occurred. The home owner was out of town for a few months and returned to see this. They needed certified technicians to properly remove the mold from the affected areas. SERVPRO of Canton has the certified trained personnel to handle the job, no matter how bad it seems.

Cleaning needed at this location.

Cleaning can be a chore, let us help you.

SERVPRO of Canton has done general cleans for all type of facilities. From single family homes to large commercial buildings. Our staff will do whatever you need to be done regardless of the situation. We specialize in realtor detailing for houses before they go on the market. As well as apartment cleaning after a client has moved out. Sometimes an elderly family member may need a hand with spring cleaning. SERVPRO of Canton is the company to call for this service. Please call us for an estimate 1-800-714-5314.

Drying equipment

The right equipment makes all the difference.

The key to any water damage is efficient dying. SERVPRO of Canton has the right drying equipment. This includes commercial fans and dehumidifiers to get the areas dried in a timely manner. Allowing you to get back to preloss condition as soon as possible. By the way, using the proper equipment saves time and money for you and your insurance provider. If you have any questions on the restoration process please call us, we would be glad to help.  1-800-714-5314

Office meeting room

SERVPRO of Canton is ready to sanitize your office.

Let SERVPRO of Canton keep your office and meeting areas safe from COVID-19. We can clean and sanitize high touch point areas or do a complete office clean and sanitize.  Whatever you need SERVPRO can provide a safe environment for your employees. Call for a free estimate 1-800-714-5314.

Certified cleaned

SERVPRO of Canton's certified clean

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on. Why not be safe and have SERVPRO of Canton come out. We would be happy to do a comprehensive clean and sanitation for your building? Let us keep your employees safe and ready to get back to business.  For a free estimate on a certified clean call us. 1-800-714-5314

Commercial Water mains

Water shut off valves in a commercial building.

Imagine one of these water pipes having a problem. That’s why we have an Emergency Ready Profile available for commercial building owners. Have one of our ERP specialists come out to your building today. We will do a building profile for you at no charge. Then deliver a comprehensive plan on what to do in case of a disaster. Call our ERP specialist for your walk through today.  1-800-714-531